Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to Local Datebook Blog

Welcome to the Local Datebook blog.  Dating stories.  Rants or raves of you latest conquest or love-lost are welcome.  The good, the bad and definitely the ugly.

Everyone has a story.  Or, a piece of their mind they'd like to give to someone.  It may be a confession or even an accusation.  However, you may want to change the names to protect the innocent (guilty).  Post it here to let off a little steam or have a good laugh...or cry.  Who knows, you may even learn something about yourself.

A couple of rules:  No stories involving child pornography will be tolerated.  No racists posts allowed.  Relationship stories only.

Have fun!


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Monday, January 24, 2011

Things can always get worse.

I’d been chatting online with a guy I met on a forum. After a few weeks of chatting we exchanged pictures, and then he stopped talking to me. His reason: he says he didn’t know I had down syndrome. I don’t.

There’s a slight chance my girlfriend is my half sister!

I was out with my dad and a friend of mine when my friend let slip out the fake name I go by when I don’t want girls to know my real name. My dad laughed and said he use to do the same thing and then told me his old fake name. The fucked up part is its the same name of my girlfriend’s supposed dad, which her mom had a fling with while on vacation, but was never able to contact afterward.  There’s a slight chance my girlfriend is my half sister!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just friends...maybe.

You and I talk every day, first thing in the morning when we come to work. We talk about all sorts of things: books, food, our kids, our friends, even a little about sex here and there. I think your husband is a great guy; you think my wife is terrific. But we would like to fuck each other and we both know it. And it will never happen.

But I like this. We like this. We are both happy with the person we're with, and we both get lots of sex at home, and yet we are both happy talking every morning and living with the pleasant subtext of what might have been if the butterfly had flapped its wings two seconds later.

You don't know that I fantasize about taking you in your running clothes on your kitchen table, but you do know you're safe around me — I'm not going to gush out my undying love (lust?) for you. I know I'm safe around you for the same reason (though I wonder how you think we'd fuck). Our 10 minutes together over coffee every morning before work are 10 minutes we both look forward to before we go to bed. Not entirely unlike sex.

We've never spoken of this, of course, and we never will. I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining it. This is just how a friendship between a man and a woman must play out sometimes.

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